Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Visit From the SOA

Yesterday we had an on site visit from Stuart Klugman of the Society of Actuaries.  Stuart will be well known to actuaries who have been involved with the educational system of the SOA any time in the last 30 years.  His name will also be known to students who have taken ACSC318, ACSC417 or ACSC419 at the U of R or SOA exam C - since he co-authored the "Loss Models" text used for these courses.

We had a meeting with UofR staff and then a longer session for students.  The latter included three local practising actuaries from the Co-operators (Greg Bacon, Joan Ganas and David Keeper).  We had about 25-30 students in attendence ranging from first years to grad. students.

Thanks to Stuart, Joan, Greg and David for putting on a good show! 

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