Tuesday, May 15, 2012

What to Bring to an SOA Exam

I've just spent 20 minutes signing in a group of fresh candidates writing their first SOA exam.  Remember the following things for your exam.

DO bring

  1. Your letter of acknowledgement from the SOA (2 candidates appeared without these today).
  2. An SOA calculator (I had to supply two candidates with calculators because they brought the wrong one) - and know how it works!
  3. Photo ID; and
  4. Pencils and an eraser.

  1. Leave your cell phone on so that it rings during the exam;
  2. Bring food to the exam - drinks are ok as long as they don't "cause a disturbance" (I'm still figuring that one out);
  3. Use a pen; or
  4. Keep writing after time is called.

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