Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Applying for CIA Exemption from Preliminary Exams

I have had a number of inquiries regarding the process for getting CIA exemptions from these exams.  The procedure is laid out on the CIA's website using the 


I have also copied and pasted from the CIA's site to give an overview of the process

Granting Exemptions

The CIA will grant exemptions to students from writing the specified Society of Actuaries (SOA)/Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) exams towards achieving Associateship or Fellowship in the CIA. Students will, upon completion of the required courses, and upon obtaining official university course transcripts, apply to the CIA by the deadlines as determined by the CIA from time to time with the following:
  • The Application Form for Exemptions;
  • Grade transcripts for completed courses; and
  • The exemption fee (80 percent of the corresponding professional exam fee).
Students who receive exemptions based on education received at a university which fails to maintain either full or provisional status and loses its accreditation shall not lose the exemptions received during the period that the university held provisional or full accreditation status.

The CIA will grant student exemptions based on the achievement of the Exemption Grade towards Associateship (ACIA) and Fellowship (FCIA) in the CIA. The CIA does not guarantee that exemptions granted to students under the CIA University Accreditation Program (UAP) will be recognized by other actuarial organizations towards other actuarial designations.
Exemptions fees
CIA exemption fees are based upon 80% of the corresponding published exam fees of the SOA/CAS*. 

Exam Full-time student Candidate 
Exam Fee Exemption Fee Exam Fee Exemption Fee 
FM/2 $200 $160 $200 $160 
MFE/3F $260 $208 $325 $260 
MLC $260 $208 $325 $260 

* Current as of September 2012.

**Transition Rules
- 3L: granted for courses taken up to August 2014 (Note: the CAS will automatically convert 3L exemption to LC exemption)
- LC: granted for courses taken beginning September 2014

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